Music Department Concert Closet and Uniform Exchange

We are hoping to support our Bothell music families by making it a little easier to keep our growing and changing kids in well-fitting performance clothes.  The plan is for it to operate on the “need a penny, take a penny, have a penny, leave a penny” system.  If you have performance appropriate clothing that your student doesn’t need or can’t wear any more, please bring them to our Exchange.  When you need something new to fit your musician once we are fully operational, have them come on in and grab it if we’ve got it.  You don’t have to have contributed to get uniform parts and of course, there is no cost involved. 


Right now, we are looking to start collecting what you don’t need any more - white or black button front, collar & cuff shirts (“tux” style shirts are welcome), black pants, black shoes (marching or “just” concert-worthy), Bel Canto & Chamber choir dresses, black cummerbunds and bow ties.  We’ll have a collection box at Marching Band uniform turn-in, the holiday concerts and other Booster events, but we’re happy to get anything you may want to give us whenever.  Just email the Boosters at and we’ll make it easy to bring in your uniform parts. 


Our intention is to collect items during this school year and start making the Exchange open for “withdrawals” for the next year.  If you have a need, however, don’t hesitate to reach out and perhaps we will be able to address it early.  Currently, Lara Thomas, our Treasurer & Uniform Coordinator is leading this effort, however, we would love an interested parent or two to work with her for the coming year with the intention of being our Uniform Exchange coordinator in the future.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to us at