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Volunteer Opportunities

A vibrant and growing music program like ours at Bothell High School needs everyone’s contribution.  There are many ways and opportunities to contribute, with monetary or physical donations, with planning skills, and especially with your time.

Please consider how you can help this year. 

Click on the SignUp button below to see the current tasks and donations needed!


Volunteer Opportunities

Come and volunteer to see how things work.  Shadowing an event is a great place to start learning how an event goes. We always need someone with knowledge and willingness to step in and help when existing members and students graduate and leave the area.

Marching Band Uniforms

Roles include: Help take measurements of students for marching band in Fall. Help distribute uniforms to students and keep records of uniform numbers. (Existing paperwork - ready to fill out.)  Help collect uniforms at the end of the marching band season. And help organize and store uniforms after they have been returned from the cleaners for next year.

Poinsettia and Greenery Sales

Our largest Fundraiser of the year, poinsettia and greenery sales happen in Oct/Nov and are usually delivered just before Thanksgiving. Roles include: One organizer in charge of communicating with the company that provides the product, many volunteers to help with sorting and distribution when the plants are delivered. 

Jazz Festival Concessions

When we host the jazz festival, we provide concessions for the attendees. Roles include picking up pizza at intervals throughout the day, helping set up the tables, running the tables/selling for a shift, and helping to clean up at the end of the day.

Goodwill Fill-a-Truck

GFAT events are in January and May. Roles include: volunteers to help with directing cars and sorting/moving donations to the Goodwill Trucks.  (It is not possible to have too many volunteers for this event!!) Organizers communicate with Goodwill to reserve our time slots well in advance and communicate with Goodwill prior to and on the day of the event. Organizers and volunteers place signs for the event the week before it occurs.  New/additional organizers always appreciated. Everything is all mapped out and documented but going with someone to see where to place signs would be beneficial for the next organizer.

Uniform Exchange

Help us collect, store, track and distribute non-school-owned concert wear and uniform parts to interested students in all BHS music groups.

Choir Auction

Roles include: Help with auction item procurement, create item listings/baskets, organize or delegate creation of bid sheets. One general manager for the event to help things run smoothly. Set up of the tables the night of the concert, table runners to close and organize lots as the auction progresses, cashiers to complete transactions for auction winners after the concert.  Lots of documentation is already in place for where to look for donations.

Spring Night Club

This two day event is a grand concert, the culmination of a year's worth of work for all the music groups. Tickets are sold in advance and always sell out. The concert is repeated on a Fri/Sat at the end of May, beginning of June.  Great opportunities to volunteer one night and attend the other. There are desserts and coffee served throughout the evening. Waitstaff are upcoming 8th graders. Roles include training and managing the students who will be waiting tables, set up of the gymnasium with flooring and tables, donating/loaning of 4 person card tables for the weekend (to be returned), help with catering, help with serving concessions, help with cashiering concessions, help with break down of set at the end of Saturday's concert.This grand event is a show-stopper and takes many, many volunteers.

Click on the signup link below to find a spot to volunteer.


Your help is invaluable to us and greatly appreciated!
The Booster program could not work without your generous donations of time. Thank you for supporting BHS Music!

Thank you so much to all who donated of their time, talents and resources this year! Your donations ensure the success of our music program events.

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