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As Bothell Music Boosters, we strive to make a positive impact on the music programs of Bothell High School. We are a parent run not for profit organization dedicated to supporting music students in their studies, performances, and competitions. Bothell Music Boosters provides a platform for parents, teachers, and students to come together and find ways to support the music programs.

We provide a variety of ways to get involved, from volunteering time or donating money or supplies to attending performances or being a board member bringing ideas to life. Everyone is welcome to join and make the music programs at Bothell High School even better.

How do your dollars benefit the music programs and students at BHS?

Here are some things that your donations help to provide:

  • Grants to returning students pursuing private lessons or summer music camps

  • Scholarships to graduating seniors continuing as music majors in college

  • Funding for guest clinicians & accompanists

  • Purchase and maintenance of school instruments and equipment

  • Assisting students with costs associated with travel to various performances, concerts, and tours

  • Shared costs of uniforms

Most recently Booster program donations helped provide an electric bass for that has been played in the school music pit orchestra and is used during jazz choir and jazz band, as well as a string bass guitar design with a pick up for our jazz bands.

Last year (2021-2022) and this year (2022-2023), Booster funding helped with the costs of the studio audio recording session for the auditions that won our Jazz ensemble a spot in the Ellington competition in New York and paid for a very large portion of that trip for two years in a row! 

In 2020-2021, your donations helped purchase high quality recording cameras to provide better video and audio zoom capability for each music director for online classes.  Also provided was an excellent audio interface and mixing system to help create professional recordings.  This enhances a previous Boosters purchase of professional recording microphones for the music programs.

Thank you all so much for helping to enrich our BHS music program experience!

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