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BHS Cougars
Marching Band Camp

August 14-18, 2023
9am - 9pm

2023-24 Letter From

Mr. Phil Dean, Director of Bands:

Dear Cougar Band Members,

I hope your summer is going well. I also hope you are taking the time to be with friends and family.The Bothell High School Marching Band is getting ready for what promises to be an exciting new year. I am looking forward to meeting all of the new student musicians. I have already been up at the school searching through our band room in order to get ready for the upcoming year which promises to be yet another successful one for the Bothell Music Department.

Please be doing your part to get ready for the upcoming school year by staying in good physical condition as well as keeping your instrument (and you!) in top playing condition. If repairs to your instrument are needed, please take it to one of the local repair shops as soon as possible so you are ready to go before school starts.

Please read this letter carefully and put the dates on your calendar. These events are required as part of the band class and the band’s success depends on your attendance. Also, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at school at I will be there off and on the rest of this summer.

Marching Band Camp:

August 14-18 2023, 9am-9pm

Marching Band Camp is designed to help you develop the necessary MARCHING and PLAYING SKILLS, which are basic to our system of marching. It is also a chance for us to get a jump on the music and marching drill for the first performance. All music and marching drill for the first performance will be covered during Marching Band Camp. To avoid falling behind, you will need to attend these rehearsals. You will need your instrument at each rehearsal.

There will be a performance of what we learned at Marching Band Camp on Friday of Band Camp. This performance will start at 6pm on August 18 and will conclude band camp.

Band Camp Dinners
Needed: Food & Supply Donations and Meal Serving Volunteers

Bothell Music Boosters coordinates and provides dinner for our hungry teenagers to help them fuel up for a great week of music and marching!

We are in need of main and side dishes, desserts, and beverages for each evening.

Please use the following links to sign up to donate and/or serve for one or more meals:

  • Fri. 8/18 - NO MEAL/ NO POTLUCK

    •  End-of-Camp Performance @ 6p

We appreciate your donations. Non-perishable items may be delivered by your student in the morning, or brought by you later in the day. Perishable items need to be delivered to the courtyard outside the BHS bandroom between 4:30 and 4:45pm, to be ready to serve students at 5:00pm.

Please be sure to label items that need to be returned (i.e. coolers, crock pots). These items may be picked up by your student after dinner or at the end of rehearsal. They will be placed on the benches in the courtyard or outside the entrance to the band room hallway.

We are doing our best to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian needs, but cannot guarantee no cross-contamination. If your child has dietary restrictions not accommodated in the spots, please send them with their own dinner.

We also really need help with Set-up, Serving, and Clean-up for each night.  Please sign up at:

Equipment Every Student Needs for Band Camp

  • School Instruments: If you need a school-owned instrument, please email Mr. Dean at to make sure an instrument is available. School owned instruments will be issued during the first day of band camp.

  • A Sack Lunch: (no off campus lunch will be allowed)

  • Refillable Water Bottle:  these are hot summer days and our students are working hard at camp!

  • Music: You will need a “flip folder” which contains much of the marching music. You can purchase one on your own or buy one from the Bothell Music Boosters for $7 during band camp.

Brass Instruments
1) Instrument in top playing condition.
2) Music lyre (available at any music store).
3) Suggested mouthpieces for optimal performance are:

  • Trumpet - Bach 3C or 5C

  • Trombone/Baritone - Bach 6-1/2 AL or 5G

Woodwind Instruments
1) Instrument in top playing condition.
2) Music lyre (available at any music store).
3) Five, or more, good quality reeds.
4) Suggested mouthpieces for optimal performance are:

  • ClarinetReserve X5, Vandoren M13 (and variations on it), Vandoren B40, Vandoren BD5

  • Alto Saxophone - Selmer C* or Meyer 5M

  • Tenor Saxophone - Selmer C*

For concert season, each percussionist must have:

  • a pair of good concert band snare sticks

  • a pair of Medium-Hard yarn mallets

  • a stick bag labeled with your name.


If you are new to Bothell band, at the first Marching Band Camp rehearsal, your marching instrument will be determined (snare, tonal bass drums, quads, cymbals). At this time, you will be instructed to purchase specific sticks/mallets for your instrument.Bring a pair of drum sticks to this first rehearsal.


Returning band students should know what instrument they are playing and need to bring the appropriate sticks to band camp.

FEES Information
Needed: Uniform Sizing and Measuring Volunteers

Uniform fitting will be done during band camp. We are really tight on uniforms for this coming year so this may take some extra time.

Volunteers are needed to assist measuring students and sizing uniforms, please sign-up here to help Measure and Distribute Uniforms on one or more days from 10a-12p, Aug. 14-18:


Uniforms Marching Band uniforms will be checked out to you and there is a $20 cleaning fee (see below for more details).

In addition to the uniform itself, you will need:

  • A  pair of black “calf high” socks


We have several previously worn/good condition marching shoes donated to our Concert Closet by BHS Marching band alumniPlease contact Donna Berry a.s.a.p. to see if there is a match for your student!

A marching band uniform cleaning fee of $20 is will need to be paid to the BHS Cashier’s office (you will receive notice when it is added to your student's account and can also pay via TouchBase). This fee covers dry cleaning for the uniforms, after the football season is over. It pays for minor altering and minor repair due to reasonable wear and tear. This fee does not cover items that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond use or reasonable repair.

If your student needs financial assistance for any part of the uniform please don't hesitate to contact  Mr. Dean or email


  • For updates about Marching Band Camp and opportunities to participate and/or volunteer please make sure you are signed up for our Bothell Music Boosters E-News

  • If you know of any incoming band families that may not be on our Bothell Music Boosters mailing list yet, please send them to our website to sign up:

  • Please connect with Bothell HS Director of Bands - Mr Phil Dean, if you or your student are not yet receiving emails from him regarding Marching Band information -  

Note: Parents may need to connect to ParentVue and update the email address where you would like to receive communications from the school and your student's teachers - as well as adjust your notification options in the ParentVue app.

Another NSD School related communication venue to check your communication options is ParentSquare (as of 2023/24 school year). 

(Yes, there are several means of communication for the school district and high school and it can be confusing, but trust us!)

  • Follow Bothell Music Boosters on Facebook and Instagram for social media updates. 

Thanks so much for your help!

These kids will have a super fun week!

- Bothell Music Boosters (


For Your Aug-Oct 2023 Calendar

(note: schedule is subject to change)


MB = Marching Band

BHS = Bothell High School

PKS = Pop Keeney Stadium

​August - Marching Band Camp

  • Mon. Aug. 14: Band Camp 9a-9p at BHS

  • Tues. Aug. 15: Band Camp 9a-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Aug. 16: Band Camp 9a-9p at BHS

  • Thur. Aug. 17: Band Camp 9a-9p at BHS

  • Fri. Aug. 18: Band Camp 9a-6p at BHS

  • Fri. Aug. 18: Band Camp Performance 6p at BHS

August Marching Band Season 

  • Wed. Aug. 23: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Aug. 30: MB Prac tice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Sept. 6: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

September Marching Band Season

  • Sat. Sept. 9: GAME 4-10pm at PKS

  • Wed. Sept. 13: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Sept. 20: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Sept. 27: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Fri. Sept. 29: GAME 4-10pm at PKS

October Marching Band Season

  • Wed. Oct. 4: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Oct. 11: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Fri. Oct. 13: GAME 4-10pm at PKS

  • Wed. Oct. 18: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Wed. Oct. 25: MB Practice 6-9p at BHS

  • Fri. Oct. 27: GAME 4-10pm at PKS

  • TBD/TBA: Playoff Games

  • Bothell Marching Band Marches at the BHS Varsity Football HOME Games. Family and friends are encouraged to come cheer on the band as well as the football team.

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