Your help is invaluable to us and greatly appreciated!
The Booster program could not work without your generous donations of time.  Thank you for supporting BHS Music!
Thank you so much to those that have donated of their time this year, 2019/20!  If we have forgotten you or you volunteered but were not on a sign up and would like to be recognized, please let us know!  Thank you also to the many parents that donated food items for Band Camp and Spooky Strings!  Your donations ensured the success of those events.

Allie Nguyen


Amy Conom

Aniston Mctyre

Anna Burch

Anna Johnson

Beth Fries

Camille Derosia

Carolyn Brock

Carolyn Saunders

Carrie Dixon

Christy Kirchmeier

Chuck Bamford

Clayton Thomas

Daniel Steinberg

Dave Connelly

Dave Conom

Derek Thonn

Dianna Connelly

Donna Bardsley

Doug Prindle

Elissa Bamford

Elizabeth McTyre

Emma Wiley

Eric McIntyre

​Hannah Kemp

Janie McDavid

Jennifer Seo

Jim Blumenthal

Jonathan Spence

Joseph Riggio

Kai Patenaude

Kaori Young

Karen Mooseker

Karen Spence

Katrina Vannoy

Kelly Hill


Lana Ward

Lara Thomas

Laura Lowe

Lea Jones

Leena Prindle

Max Van Pelt

Melanie Nugent

Melanie Sweirstra

Melisa Lasco

Michele Holowauck

Michelle Fairman

Michelle Sealls

Michelle Shaw

Michellene Steinberg

Myra Ahlman

Nicki Amos

Pamela Blakemore

Polly Hardisty

Preston Lasko

Rachel Northquist

Rich C

Robert Hill

Ryan Fiore

Sam Campbell

Sarah Beeson

Scott Burch

Sylvia Norton

Tammie Itzka

Thais Ribrio


Vivian Saunders

Will Blakemore

Yabin Pang

Yvonne Blumenthal

Yvette Billbe